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Head Of Marketing Jobs are among some of the fastest growing roles in the business and consulting space. For many organizations, these roles play a pivotal part in driving new business, positioning a company as an authority, and defining the brand identity.

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What Does the Head of Marketing Do? 

Tasks vary from organization to organization however the main role of a typical head of marketing is to develop new business for an organization and design and implement the company's overall marketing strategy. 

The reason this varies from company to company is that not all businesses focus on the same markets, the same audiences, and operate in the same ways with customers. For example B2B or business to business companies primary deal with other companies. Their customers are more educated and sophisticated so their marketing strategy will be designed in line with that.

Conversely, B2C or business to consumer companies generally deal directly with regular customers so their marketing may use different channels and strategies. Marketing managers for B2B companies may oversea things like requests for pricing, press release creation and distribution, communication with vendors, public relations activities, and the company's website.

Managers in B2C organizations may handle things like digital advertising, content marketing, print advertising, social media management, and other similar activities. 

Who Does the Head of Marketing Report To?

Every organizational structure is different and who a manager reports to is largely dependent on the size of the organization. For example in smaller companies that are mature, marketing directors may report directly to the CEO. In larger organizations, managers may report to VPs, heads of divisions, or CMOs. 

Who Reports to The Head Of Marketing?

Here again, this depends on the size of the organization. In smaller companies, there may be no one or only a couple of direct reports for the Head of Marketing. In larger organizations, an entire department of dozens of people may have this manager to report to.

Some common roles that report to this post would be social media specialists, copywriters, marketing managers, web developers, email marketing professionals, video marketing professionals, administrative personnel, and business administrators. In many organizations, sales representatives also report to marketing heads of departments and the two are often synonymous. 

How Does One Become a Head of Marketing?

Typically people in business, sales, and marketing roles are primed to move up in this corporate track. For instance people already working as marketing admins or managers are developing the experience to become heads of marketing departments. Realistically though, anyone who has the capability to manage people, think of the big picture for an organization, and has the marketing talent, can move up in this kind of role. 

Marketing is one of those jobs that requires knowledge and skill in many different areas of business. It can be a technical job but also one steeped in creativity and abstract thought. Often there is a fair amount of strategic thinking and planning that goes into running the everyday demands of a successful marketing department.